Funding Home Child Care –
Moving to Base Funding

Implementing a base funding model supports affordable, accessible and flexible options for child care in Ontario. Families benefit from the flexible options offered by licensed home child care, with the knowledge that oversight is in place to support quality care for their child. This report addresses an integral component of the transformation process – strengthening and rationalizing the licensed home child care sector by proposing a new funding model – BASE FUNDING. Base funding will enable licensed home child care agencies to meet the new obligations while simultaneously improving access and reducing costs to parents.

Base funding supports agencies to recruit and retain quality home child care providers in the licensed sector; increasing licensed child care spaces that support the Province’s goal of 100 000 new child care spaces for children 0-3.8 years in Ontario.

With support from the province and municipalities, licensed home child care agencies have the capacity to support and meet the demand of a growing and changing province. The City of Toronto has shared their model of base funding.

There is still much work to be done to truly maximize the potential and capacity of the licensed home child care sector and the Home Child Care Association of Ontario is committed to continuing its work to build and strengthen the licensed home child care sector.

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