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Licensed Home Child Care in Ontario will be based funded as of 2018. This is a big step forward!

For Home Child Care Association of Ontario, the year 2016-17 has been one of knowledge and expertise sharing.  The government heard from many about the importance of licensed home child care and about the unique challenges faced by licensed home child care agencies.  The renewed framework announced new priorities to grow and strengthen licensed home child care. A highlight of Ontario’s Renewed Early Years and Child Care Policy Framework (2017) is the introduction of base funding for licensed home child care agencies, which will flow through municipalities and First Nations.  The ministry has established a licensed home child care working group to provide advice as we move forward with this important work. Exciting times ahead!

Across Canada, in every province and territory, child care is emerging as an important political, social, economic and public issue. Nationally, we are excited to share that the Federal Government released the multilateral framework on early learning and child care on June 12, 2017 and the bilateral funding agreements between the federal government and each province.

 Ontario was the first province to sign the agreement in June.  At the same time, work on the development of a separate framework for Indigenous early childhood education and child care is underway.

Ontario has announced an ambitious five-year plan to double the number of licensed child care spaces for 0-4 year olds, supported by a workforce and an affordability strategy.   The policy framework builds on momentum that has started in Ontario and it speaks to the Ontario’s vision for Early Years and Child Care. It has seven key areas of action:

1.  Increasing access to early years and child care programs and services

2.  Ensuring a more affordable early years and child care system

3.  Establishing an early years workforce strategy

4.  Determining a provincial definition of quality in the early years

5.  Developing an approach to promoting inclusion in early years and child care settings

6.  Creating an outcomes and measurement strategy

7.  Increasing public awareness of Ontario’s early years and child care system

Congratulations to the current government of Ontario for believing in the importance of moving child care forward to ensure children and their families have choice that is accountable, responsive and quality.

Specifically, Home Child Care Association of Ontario board of directors have been and will continue to be involved.  The seven key areas of action, will be our work plan.  We look forward to contributing our part, every step of the way.

As Chair of the Board of the HCCAO for the last 7 years I would like to take this opportunity to thank the board members, our dedicated membership and all our many volunteers and supporters. We have worked well together and it has been my honor to work side by side with each and every one of you.

 Finally, we would like to thank Joann Gillian of Waterloo, Joan Arruda of Greater Toronto and Cheryl Haywood of Ottawa for their tenure on the board. We thank them for their guidance, leadership and dedication to HCCAO. We are acknowledging Joann, Joan and Cheryl because their tenure on the board has come to an end, we wish them well. 

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